Operation Kosovo

July 2003 Pristina Pictures
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About Operation Kosovo

A young cousin

Arben's family

Arben's village

Atdhe and the team

Barbecue at Luan's

Carson and Nicole at IPKO

Carson holds forth

Carson shoots again

Carson shoots

Dastid off the ground

Dastid's mother's work

Extern certificate - 5

Extern certificate - 1

Extern certificate - 2

Extern certificate - 3

Extern certificate - 4

HHP Alban and Fahri

HHP and Alban

HHP and Dardan

HHP and Fahri

HHP and Haki Abazi

HHP and Lulzim

HHP and the Young Turks




Luan Ardian and Tim review the database

Luan leads a discussion

Luan shoots

Minister Krasniqi and EDA team

Minister Krasniqi-2

Mountain house



Nicole checks the website

Outside the League of Prizren shrine

Outside the League of Prizren

Picnic at Arben's village

Prof Perritt and Prof Murati

Prof Perritt presents his book to the Dean

Prof Perritt Tim and Carson prepare

Prof Perritt works with the student union

Professor Perritt and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Professor Perritt lectures

Professor Perritt speaks on final status


Tim Nicole and Carson prepare

The CK team and the Young Turks

The fish restaurant in Prizren

The graduating externs

The team and Hasim Thaqi

The team and Heather Kashner

The team at Jashari memorial

The team in Old Town Prishtina

The team works with the Student Union

The Young Turks at Luan's

Tim checks out the student lab

Tim checks out the UPS with the Student Union president

Tim checks the EDA database

Tim deplanes in Prishtina

Tim takes shot

Tim takes another shot

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