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Daily Trip Report - October 27, 2003

Prof. Perritt -
I stopped in on a tour agency, Deva Tours, on Mother Theresa Street, near Bill Clinton Street, right across from the AAK HQ. I told Mr. Muzafer, who was in charge of the office, that I was representing someone in Chicago who is organizing a tour of Kosovo and wanted to inquire about the availability of a bus for about a week accompanied by a tour guide.

He called Gjakova, from where the busses are dispatched, and ascertained that busses are available for late Spring or Summer. I promised him that my "Chicago people" would send him a fax or email with information about dates and itinerary, which will enable him to quote a price and, if we wish, to reserve a bus.

He seemed a little baffled by the tour guide concept, but promised to inquire. I told him we need someone with good knowledge of Kosovo history and good English.

His contact information:

381 38 549 999 (both voice and fax)
msimnica@hotmail.com (the second letter is indistinct. It could be a "z" or a "g", maybe a "q").

I meet for about two hours yesterday with Jim Wooster, PIO to the Minister of Finance and Economy. He says that everyone assumes that lignite must be burned near the mine because of its low density. He was very interested in the engineering and cost calculations of our lignite subgroup to assess whether this is, in fact, true. He also explained the rationale of how the VAT and import duty works so as not to penalize domestic producers.

I had a good meeting with Ramush Haradinaj, who supports the Symposium, and wants to be kept aprised of our work on the amicus brief. He arranged for me to meet the Prime Minister this morning (Tuesday). I will report on the Prime Minister meeting in a separate report on 28 October.

Dastid and I had dinner, at which we discussed the Symposium and other developments.


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