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Daily Trip Report - March 16, 2004

Prof. Perritt -
I had good meetings today with Mark Walters from U.PITT., the Registrar of the Special Chamber, Verena Knaus at Lessons Learned and Analysis Unit of Pillar IV, Bob Sorenson, the Deputy Chief of Mission at U.S. Office Prishtina, Dale Pfeiffer, head of USAID, Ramush Haradinaj, Arianat Zeka, and Luan Dalipi, Ardian Jashari, Driton Dalipi, and Rob Gulick.

Among the most interesting developments from these conversations are:

1. The possibility that U.PITT., C-K, and the Law Faculty of UP woudl team to establish a commercial-law clinic at UP. We know where to get the money.

2. The desire by the Registrar of the Special Chamber to have CK students (he said, "those three students who came with you in January") to come for a week to 10 days to work with local lawyers on initial processing of employee claims incident to the privatized SOEs. This would probably occur in May and would be a great opportunity.

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