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Daily Trip Report - July 23, 2003

Jill Wechsler -

Met with Afferdita at IPKO Institute. The main piece of new information from her was her ideas on the content and selection process for the Young Leadership Council. She suggests emphasis on customer service training, and thinks that the age group for selection should be 25-40.

Went to Internet cafe to set appointments and to write this report. :) Unfortunately, I have almost completely lost my voice, so I am trying to set my appointments via e-mail because I am difficult to understand over the phone.

In the afternoon I visited the American University of Kosovo. Andrew Gridinsky gave me a tour of their current facility, which basically consists of three classrooms, a computer room (they don't have the computers yet, though), office space, and a space that will be a student lounge once renovation is complete. The school will open in the fall, and started advertising this last week. I spoke with Mr. Gridinsky about various aspects of the University, such as faculty, class structure, expenses, and advertising.

Attempted to go with Valza and Liridon to a movie, but we had the movie time wrong. Instead, I spoke with the director of the movie theater at the outdoor cafe associated with the theater. He said that the theater was opened after it was renovated with money donated from abroad. The director says this theater has a distribution deal with two movie companies (Columbia Pictures and one other), and is the only authorized distributor in Kosovo. He also said that he tried to help others to open movie theaters in other cities, but these theaters didn't get enough business to stay open. We also talked about his wife's plans to open a dental office when she graduates from dental school in 2 years.

Afterwards, Valza, Liridon, and I went to a restaurant for coffee.

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