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Students at the Illinois Institute of Technology and Chicago Kent College of Law are working together in an Interprofessional Program to continue the work of Operation Kosovo, an initiative to promote the rule of law, democracy, civil society and economic development in Kosovo. Three students traveled to Kosovo in January 2004 to further projects ranging from creating a tourism market for Kosovo to creating a Claims Commission to investigating the Special Chamber (the "Supreme Court" of Kosovo) and its inner workings.

Operation Kosovo and other IIT Nationbuilding projects in the Balkans have accomplished much over the last seven years.

Students are developing a number of other projects, including establishing a Kosovo Leadership Council, a Small Business Assistance Clinic, and working with young Kosovars and Americans to establish an investment fund. The projects independently and cooperatively promise to help Kosovars as they build a stable, sustainable democracy and market economy.

The Leadership Council will train the young, entrepreneurial Kosovars who will lead the country in the coming years as Kosovo builds a sustainable democracy and market economy.

The Small Business Assistance Clinic will support and assist Kosovar entrepreneurs was they establish the small businesses that will contribute to the market economy.

The Kosovo Investment Fund will further Kosovar economic development while providing appropriate returns to investors.

Operation Kosovo is currently seeking donations of uninterruptible power sources for the University of Prishtina Law School's computer lab, to alleviate the problems caused by regular power outages.

Students have assisted the Criminal Defense Resource Center (CDRC), a non-governmental organization under the auspices of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Central Europe (OSCE).

Students are also preparing to post a compendium of Kosovar law on the internet, a step that will facilitate legal research for Kosovar students and attorneys.

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