Albania Legal Network

  • Link to Database in Albania – The database should be up and running. You need to work with Lwin to get it up on the server in Tirana. Also, Ilir can help us, but I think that it is important that we do this, so use Ilir as a last resort. Once it is up, we can link to the actual database. We also need to link to a general page in Albania that provides the same information as this page will.
  • IPRO Concept – This is the overall concept for the IPRO (relates to what IIT is doing). I have something done on disk, but there is something else that needs to be scanned in (which is in my desk remind me to get you a copy of it).


  • Albania Constitution – I have a hard copy of it, but I think we can take it off a Web site. That Web site is:
  • Albanian Judicial Decisions – See the above site, but we need to get them. Mary Beth Goodman and I are going to be working on this, so ask her about our progress.
  • Albanian Laws – Same as above.
  • Albanian Legal Database (in production) – Patrick has done this for Bosnia. We need to get it converted for Albania so that it can run there. This is really important because we are meeting with Senators and Ambassadors next week and need to show it off.
  • International Treaties – Law students should identify what treaties should be posted.

Media links regarding Albania – Here is what Chris found:

This site has a lot of media (news stories) and also has a couple real audio/video available on the same page.

Albanian newspaper. (english) very good and current.

More albania news... not as current.

This is good. Let’s see if there is anything by CNN, NY Times, Chicago Tribune, and NPR.

Links to other Web sites regarding Albania – Again here is what Chris found:

This site has a sort of history of Albania and some things on the government, economy, and other things. I think this is good place to go to learn more about Albania.

Albanian page – just thought I would put it down. Has some good stuff in there. (news, history, maps.)

Again, this is a good start, but let’s try to find a couple more. Perhaps about traveling to Albania. I know that before I left I found some really good sites.

Proposal: Mary Beth Goodman is working on this, so when she is done, we need to post it.

Concept papers on Albanian Constitutional Process – If you go to the URL -- you can find some great discussions. This should be linked to the what Patrick will install on the server for discussion groups.

PR – There is some good articles written about what we have done in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Albania. Let’s put those here. We need to get more PR in this area.

Sponsors – Right now our sponsors are the Soros Open Society Foundation and Sun Microsystems. We also have ACCAPP which is part of OSCE, which might be a sponsor.

Training – This needs to be developed so let’s wait

Power Point – We need to make a power point slide presentation for our trip to Washington D.C., so we will get it to you when it is done. Ask Mary Beth Goodman for it.

Maps of Albania – Chris found this one:

Map of Albania... good quality.