Project Bosnia:

Independent Media

  • Trip Reports (Spring 1998) – I will attach a copy of it and save it on a disk.
  • Photos – Get them off of the IPRO Web site or I can give them to you to scan in.
  • Press (re: us) – There is a lot of press on us in this regard. I have all copies in my desk, but there are already some scanned in and can be found on the IPRO Web Site. We should post everything we have. I will give you copies of everything that needs to be scanned in.
  • Press Release – I have Press Release that I will put on a disk for you, we then need to get it up on the Web.
  • Brochure – I will save this on a disk and it needs to go up on the Web.
  • Independent Media Database – That is on the server in Banja Luka. We should provide a link to it from this page.
  • Link to in country server – We should also provide a link to our server (however, this is different than the above request – it should point to the overall site as opposed to just the database).
  • IPRO Concept – This is the overall concept for the IPRO (relates to what IIT is doing). I have something done on disk, but there is something else that needs to be scanned in (which is in my desk remind me to get you a copy of it).
  • International Media Law – A law student would be right to find any treaties under International Law
  • Media Laws in the US – A law student would be right to find US laws regarding Media Law
  • Media Laws in the RS – Perhaps Bill Hallock ( at CEELI in Banja Luka can get us the law (or even a proposed law – I know that one was written). If he cannot, Mary Greer ( at CEELI in Sarajevo probably can. We should also find out as much as we can about the law in Serbia that restricts Media. The first decision under this law fined a journalist $250,000 for speaking out against the government.
  • Decisions of the RS – Perhaps Bill Hallock can get these, I don’t know if they release them though.
  • Constitution of the RS – Again, Bill Hallock can get this. If not, I have it to be scanned in.
  • Laws of the RS – Again, Bill Hallock – if they are public.

Media links regarding RS and Independent Media – We can start by linking to the sites on our server. Milos at the IPC ( can also help us link to other sites. Also, we need find other related sites. One possible site is: (I think). We need to find others, perhaps NY Times, Chicago Tribune, CNN, NPR or Yahoo. Don’t limit this to the RS, it should probably have something to do with Bosnia in general, and the Balkans.

Links to other Web Sites Regarding Bosnia and Independent Media – We need to identify this. We should surf the Web to get sites related to "independent media" (try the Committee to Protect Journalists in NY) and sites related to the Balkans and the back lash against the free press. There are a lot out there. For instance, in Serbia during the student protests in 1996, the only way B92 got its message out was through the Internet. Thus, the Internet is very important.

Proposal: I have one that I will attach and save on a disk – it is really more of a brochure.


Discussion forum on Independent Media – This will probably have to happen through the discussion program that Patrick will set up on our server.

PR – We have a lot of stuff written about us, we should get on the Web. This really relates to the first box.

Sponsors: There is a list of them on the IPRO Web page, but as I remember there was Sun Microsystems, 3Com/US Robotics, CIC NET, and Motorola. Also, USIS provided two grants to fund different aspects of the project. The first was to pay for part of our travel expenses and the second was to help off set some of the connection charges and administration charges. Finally, as with everything that we do, ABA CEELI was indispensable.

Training: This needs to be developed so let’s wait. However, I might have some general stuff that we used in Banja Luka which we could post. Also, we might email Igor in Banja Luka (Pat can help you do this) and perhaps he can identify if there is anything on the server right now.

Power Point slides: We have some slides that I will save on a disk and we can post right away. We need to make sure that we provide a mechanism to download the power point viewer on the site for those people who don’t have it.

Maps of the Federation, the RS and BiH – Find on our Web pages and find others on the Web.