Project Bosnia: Legal

  • Trip Reports (Fall 1997, Spring 1998, and Fall 1998) – I know that we have trip reports, we will have to find them on our computers and post them. Alex Rozman or Suzanne Strickler might have them for Fall 1997, I have one for Spring 1998, and Fernando and Michele should have something for Fall 1998.
  • Photos – I, Jim Moran, Michele Katz and Fernando Martinez have pictures from Fall 1998; I have them from Spring 1998; and Suzanne Strickler and I have them from Fall 1997.
  • Press – There are some articles on line on the IPRO Web site and I have others in my desk. We need to get these up ASAP.
  • Press Releases – I have them on my computer, but you will also have to get others from Gwen Osbourne and Susan O’Brien at Kent.
  • Brochures – I have two brochures, one from last Fall and one from Fall 1997.
  • Legal Database – Patrick has to make this work, then we need to provide a link to it. It is also important to get information in the database.
  • Link to in country server – We need to make some Web pages for the server in country and we need to link to them.
  • IPRO Concept – This is the overall concept for the IPRO (relates to what IIT is doing). I have something done on disk, but there is something else that needs to be scanned in (which is in my desk remind me to get you a copy of it).


  • Human Rights Chamber – Fernando and Patrick have the decisions. We need to post them. Also, we can look at To get some more reference material. This does not mean link to it, it means to look for information there.
  • Constitutions (Cantons and Federation) – Put all Constitutions on line (Federation, RS, Cantons, and BiH). Organize and post them with relevant links to the documents which should be stored on our server. *** this is not the database, it is simply a reference.
  • Laws (Cantons and Federation) – We need to work with the Ministry of Justice and ABA CEELI to get relevant laws posted to the server.
  • Decisions (Cantons, Constitutional Court, HR Chamber, Ombudsman, and Supreme court) – We need to get all decisions of the courts mentioned above and get them posted to the Web page. Again, this is not the database, it is simply a Web page with all of those documents.
  • Dayton Accords – We can get the Dayton Accords off the page. We should post it on our page (not link to Villanova’s page).
  • International Treaties – look at the Villanova page and the Operation Kosovo Page. We should work with Alex Rozman to figure out what other treaties should be posted.

Media links regarding Bosnia – We should look at CNN, NY Times, Chicago Tribune, Yahoo, and NPR to provide relevant links to these pages.

Links to other Web Sites regarding Bosnia and Independent Courts – There are a lot of sites out there that deal with Bosnia. We should find them and post them. Some might include the State Department, CEELI, USIA or the World Bank.


Proposals – I have the proposal that we did last year for Bosnia. I will save it on a disk and get it to you.

Papers on Dayton and judicial system in Bosnia – There has been a lot published on Dayton and Bosnia. You should ask Dean Perritt for the stuff that he has written. Also Charles Rudnick has written on this subject. However, we also need to find other stuff to post. It seems to me that a law student will be good at this.

Sponsors – The sponsors of our project in Sarajevo have been the Soros Open Society Foundation, USIS Democracy Fund, the World Bank, and ABA CEELI.

PR – There has been a lot written on us, so let’s get it on the server.

Training – We are working on this right now, so let’s attend to it later.

Power Point Slide Presentation – I have the power point slides that we have done and will give them to you on a disk.

Maps of the Federation, RS, and BiH – We need to get some maps of the region (Federation, RS, and BiH) – I think we can get some maps off of our server, but I think that there is better stuff out there.