This is for people working on Project Bosnia who need to post documents to this website. These are Anna's quick instructions.Okay, here's the crash course in how to FTP and post on the Project Bosnia site.

This is just going to be on how and where to put things on this server.
Good info is at When I forget how to ftp, I look at "How to Publish a Web Page on" It has tons of great stuff on how to Telnet, upload, etc. and more explanation of what all this means.
On with the show.

Let's put up a file called slinky.html on a disk in drive A. This webpage displays a scanned photo saved as slinky.jpg, which is also on the disk.
We can use an FTP program, such as WinFTP, or use the MS-DOS command. I will explain the MS-DOS process.
In Windows 95 or NT, click Start; Programs; MS-DOS Prompt. This opens up the DOS window with a C:\ prompt.
At the C:\ prompt type "a:\" This will give you an A:\ prompt.
At the A:\ prompt type "ftp"
You should receive a "Connected to" message and a prompt for your username. Type it in. This gives a password prompt.
You should receive a "User ____ logged in." message and an ftp> prompt.

You now must decide if you want the file in your account or in one of the public directories.
If it's in your account, only you can edit, but everyone can see it if you tell them the filename. Anyone on the server can edit the documents in the public directories.

At ftp> prompt type "cd public_html" This opens the public_html directory, as opposed to your mail or login directory.
You'll get a "Command successful" and a new prompt.

At ftp> prompt type "cd /opt/netscape/suitespot/docs" This opens the public html directory. Within this directory Will has created subdirectories:
If something falls into one of these categories, put it in there by adding the slash and name to the command above.

Type "put slinky.html slinky.html" This copies the file from the disk to the server (uploads).
Let's say you want the file saved as toy.html once it's on the server. Instead of the above, type "put slinky.html toy.html"
Then, don't forget the image that goes with the html. Type "put slinky.jpg slinky.jpg"
When all your files are uploaded, quit the FTP mode by typing "bye" at the ftp> prompt.
You'll get a C:\ prompt again. Quit this by typing "exit" The window goes away.

To edit your documents once they're up, use Telnet. Click Start; Run in Win95/NT.
In the Open: box type "telnet"
You go through the same login process, and the same UNIX commands like 'cd' are valid.
The UNIX text editor is Pico. Type "pico slinky.html" This opens the file.
Once you've edited, close the file by hitting Ctrl + x. Follow the instructions in the little black bar towards the bottom. Y or N to save changes, and enter to save to the same file name.

Finally, if none of this works, e-mail your files as an attachment to and I'll put them up.