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Welcome to the Project Bosnia IPRO II Web-Site.

Chicago-Kent College of Law and the Illinois Institute of Technology ("IIT") have created an innovative class called an Interprofessional Project, or IPRO. The IPRO program engages multidisciplinary teams of students in semester-long "experiential" proje cts based on real-world topics that reflect the diversity of today's workplace. IPRO students are encouraged to interact across the boundaries of individual disciplines and experiences, thus emulating a cross-disciplinary team-operating environment. The IPRO teams are led by a graduate student and guided by faculty advisors. Teams consist of ten to fifteen students from all academic levels (sophomore through graduate school), and across IIT's professional programs (engineering, business, law, design, an d architecture).

The IPRO concept is best exemplified by the Project Bosnia IPRO, which is described in greater detail in the following submission. The Project Bosnia IPRO brings together engineering, computer science, law and business students. These students jointly t ackle the practical, legal and technological challenges posed by a project to help strengthen the rule of law in a country emerging from communism and war. Chicago-Kent Dean Henry H. Perritt, Jr., leads the IPRO with assistance by Charles Rudnick, Assist ant Dean for International Law & Policy Development, and IV Ashton, Director of Institutional Projects.

If you would like to help us, please read the proposal. It would be an exciting opportunity for your company as a leader in information technology to assist a group of dedicated students as they help to rebuild the rule of law in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thank you in advance for your support.

If you have any questions or would like to make a donation, please email the webmaster or the adviser.

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