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Project Bosnia IPRO II

The following groups are currently involved with IPRO Bosnia.

bullet.gif (96 bytes) Project Bosnia
bullet.gif (96 bytes) Illinois Institute of Technology
bullet.gif (96 bytes) Chicago-Kent College of Law
bullet.gif (96 bytes) Villanova University of Law

Links to previous IPRO's

bullet.gif (96 bytes) Project Bosnia IPRO I
bullet.gif (96 bytes) Independent Server in Banja Luka
bullet.gif (96 bytes) Operation Kosovo

Links to current IPRO material

Server we installed at the Ministry of Justice in Sarajevo

bullet.gif Project Bosnia Message Board
bullet.gif Project Bosnia - Hardware By Umer Khan
bullet.gif Project Bosnia - Software By Umer Khan
bullet.gif Project Bosnia - Network By Umer Khan
bullet.gif Opensource Presentation by Patrick Wagstrom
bullet.gif Bosnia Trip By Michele Katz
bullet.gif Server Static Front-end By Lwin Maung
bullet.gif Powerpoint Introduction for IPRO day By Lwin Maung

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