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Current Projects

Past Projects
  • Develop strategy for investment promotion
  • Develop strategy to exploit Kosovo's lignite reserves (See KEK website)
  • Assist with fundraising and extend externships/clinic at University of Prishtina Law Faculty
  • Kosovo Freedom of Information Act
    Copies of the pending Freedom of Information Act now before the Kosovo Assembly and proposed modifications by IIT & Chicago-Kent students.
  • Young Kosovar Leadership
  • Legal Compendium
  • Universal Power Supply (UPS)
    IIT engineering students are designing a cost-effective universal power supply (UPS) that will provide instant emergency back-up power for the student computer labs at the University of Pristina Law Faculty. In the interim, IIT and Chicago-Kent provided one commercially-available UPS for computers in the Law Faculty's Student Union.
  • Law Extern Program
    University of Pristina Law Faculty (UPLF) and Chicago-Kent have established a legal externship program with the Pristina District Court. The program will permit select UPLF students to work directly with District Court judges and to visit Chicago-Kent to witness American academic, legal, civic, and business institutions.
  • Studenti
    Studenti is the student-run magazine at the University of Prishtina in Kosovo. It was first established in 1993 and ran until 1997 after which it was discontinued. Studenti is being published again with financial assistance of the Kosovo Law Center (KLC). It is sold to students for 0.50€.
    The magazine - popular among students at the university - printed six hundred copies the most recent publication. All were sold within fifty days.
  • War Crimes Documentation Project
    War Crimes Evidentiary Library
  • Albanian Legal Information Iniative
    Increasing Access to Legal Information in Albania
  • The Core Institutions that Support Strong Securities Markets (PDF) By Bernard Black. ABSTRACT: A strong securities markets rests on a complex network of supporting institutions that ensure that minority shareholders (i) receive good information about the value of a company’s business, and (ii) can have confidence that a company’s managers and controlling shareholders won't cheat them out of most or all of the value of their investment. A country whose laws and related institutions fail on either count cannot develop a strong stock market, forcing firms to rely on internal financing or bank financing -- both of which have important shortcomings. This article explains why these two investor protection issues are critical, related, and hard to solve, and discusses which laws and institutions are most important for each. This paper is a shorter version of The Legal and Industrial Preconditions for Strong Securities Markets, 48 UCLA L. REV. (forthcoming 2000).
  • Achieving a Final Status Settlement for Kosovo
    Janusz Bugajski, R. Bruce Hitchner & Paul
    Williams, (CSIS, April 2003)(PDF file)
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