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al-flag1.gif (18488 bytes)                 Constitution of the Republic of Albania


Part One: Basic Principles
Part Two: The Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms
      Chapter I: General Principles
      Chapter II: Personal Rights and Freedoms
      Chapter III: Political Rights and Freedoms
      Chapter IV: Economic, Social & Cultural Rights & Freedoms
      Chapter V: Social Objectives
      Chapter VI: People's Advocate
Part Three: The Assembly
     Chapter I: Election and Term
     Chapter II: The Deputies
     Chapter III: Organization and Functioning
     Chapter IV: The Legislative Process
Part Four: The President of the Republic
Part Five: The Council of Ministers
Part Six: Local Government
Part Seven: Normative Acts and Internaitonal Agreements
      Chapter I: Normative Acts
      Chapter II: International Agreements
Part Eight: Constitutional Court
Part Nine: The Courts
Part Ten: The Office of the Prosecutor
Part Eleven: Referendum
Part Twelve: Central Election Commission
Part Thirteen: Public Finances
Part Fourteen: The High State Control
Part Fifteen: Armed Forces
Part Sixteen: Extraordinary Measures
Part Seventeen: Revision of the Constitution
Part Eighteen: Transitory and Final Dispositions

Approved by the Albanian Parliament on 21 October 1998 and voted upon in a referendum by the Citizens of Albania on 22 November 1998

Translation by Kathleen Imholz, Esq. Krenar Loloci, Member of the Technical Staff of the Constitutional Commission, and ACCAPP