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Albanian Legal Information Initiative:
Increasing Access to Legal Information in Albania

Institutional Qualifications


Chicago-Kent College of Law is in a unique position to assess how to establish the legal infrastructure in Albania.  As part of the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago-Kent is the only law school in the United States affiliated with a major technical institution of higher learning. Chicago-Kent College of Law and the Illinois Institute of Technology have long been at the forefront of technological change and are committed to understanding both the theory and applications of information technology.  As such, members of this program are strongly equipped with the knowledge, intellectual resources, and experience to undertake this project.  

Moreover, Chicago-Kent has a long-standing involvement in Central and East Europe, including Albania, where we have provided assistance to countries establishing more democratic legal systems. Specifically, Chicago-Kent's Project Bosnia has used information technology to further the rule of law in that war torn country. Project Bosnia is well known for its concrete accomplishments in connecting legal and journalism institutions to the Internet.  For instance, building on its earlier success in linking the Bosnian Constitutional Court, Bosnian Federation Ministry of Justice, and Ombudsman to the Internet, Project Bosnia established an independent media network in the Republika Srpska, providing journalists with a means to disseminate news stories freely.  Additionally, Chicago-Kent has designed a legal information database for the Bosnian Federation Ministry of Justice.    

In a related project, Operation Kosovo utilized information technology to provide legal information to Kosovar refugees in Albania.  We designed a refugee registration database with the assistance of the Albanian Office of Refugees.  In addition, we fashioned and implemented a database to help international organizations collect war crimes information from refugees.  In Poland, Chicago Kent has also helped use the World Wide Web as a vehicle for cataloguing Polish court decisions, fostering discussion between the bench and bar, and teaching non-lawyers about the law.  Open Macedonia is working with the judges and lawyers in Macedonia to help provide increased access to legal information.

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