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Albanian Legal Information Initiative:
Increasing Access to Legal Information in Albania




The core of the assessment team consisted of three Chicago-Kent College of Law staff members, two local consultants in Albania, and two special advisors.  Each team member is described below. 

Dean Henry H. Perritt, Jr.

Henry H. Perritt, Jr. is a professor of law and dean at Chicago-Kent College of Law and is the vice-president for the Downtown Campus of Illinois Institute of Technology.  Dean Perritt serves as a consultant to the European commission on improving transparency of Commission institutions.  He is the founder of Project Bosnia and Operation Kosovo, initiatives which make it possible for groups of law and engineering students to work together using the Internet to build the rule of law, promote free press, and provide refugee aid in the former-Yugoslavia.  He has also been actively building new links with educational and governmental institutions in China.  

Dean Perritt is the author of more than 45 law review articles and 15 books on technology and law and employment law, including the 730-page Law and the Information Superhighway. He served on President Clinton's Transition Team, working on telecommunications issues, and drafted principles for electronic dissemination of public information, which formed the core of the Electronic Freedom of Information Act Amendments adopted by Congress in 1996. During the Ford Administration, he served on the White House staff and as deputy under secretary of labor.  Dean Perritt has been appointed to a National Research Council committee on "Global Networks and Local Values" and was appointed by the governor of Illinois to the Advisory Commission on Internet Privacy.


Professor and Associate Dean Harold Krent

Professor Krent has written extensively on the relationship among the branches of government and on governmental information policies.  Prior to teaching, Professor Krent worked in the U.S. Department of Justice, defending the government's programs and informational policies from constitutional and administrative challenge.  Professor Krent has also since served as a consultant to government agencies on three occasions, addressing the government's sale and lease of assets, the government's use of ombudsmen, and fee shifting in litigation against the government.


Harry E. Ashton, IV

Harry E. Ashton, IV is an attorney and is the Director of Institutional Projects at Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology.  In this capacity, Mr. Ashton leads the Rule of Law Through Technology projects at Chicago-Kent.  He is the Director of Project Bosnia and Operation Kosovo, initiatives using information technology to rebuild the rule of law in Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Albania.


Local Albanian Consultants 

          Ilir Zenku

Mr. Zenku is currently employed as the project manager at the SOROS Foundation's Open Internet Center in Tirana, Albania. His previous work experience includes: computer science lecturer at Tirana University; network engineer for Albanian Radio & Television; database software consultant; and, writer for several technical magazines.  Mr. Zenku holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the Tirana University, Faculty of Natural Sciences.   

Julian Mulla

Mr. Mulla is currently employed as the Director of Information Technology at the National Commercial Bank of Albania in Tirana, Albania. In this capacity, he is responsible for maintaining the computer network for the National Bank, designing the bank's web pages and implementing database applications. Mr. Mulla has over ten years of computer-related experience in a wide range of fields, including Web publishing, computer programming, database programming and network administration. Mr. Mulla holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the Tirana University, Faculty of Natural Sciences.  Mr. Mulla is also certified by Oracle as a "Gold Level Support" provider. 

 Special Advisors

             Charles Rudnick

            Dean Charles Rudnick is the Assistant Dean for International Law and Policy at Chicago-Kent College of Law.  Prior to joining Chicago-Kent, Dean Rudnick spent two years in Sarajevo, Bosnia as tha Bosnia Rule of Law Liason for the American Bar Association Central & East European Legal Initiative (ABA CEELI).  In this program he designed and implemented programs to help develop post-war, post-socialist legal systems consistent with democratic principles.  Recently, Dean Rudnick has spent the last two months in Pristina, Kosovo setting up the rule of law operations for ABA CEELI.

             Scott Carlson

            Scott Carlson is a Global Law and Policy Fellow at Chicago-Kent College of Law and is the ABA CEELI country director for Albania and Kosovo.  Prior to working in these capacities, Mr. Carlson spent four years in Albania where he worked as a legal advisor to OSCE where he managed a program to assist the Government of Albania with a participatory constitution drafting process; and managed technical assistance in the Constitutional Referendum, comprising legal technical assistance to the Central Election Commission and the Ministry of Local Government.  Mr. Carlson has agreed to be a special pro bono advisor to the aforementioned project.   

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