Project Bosnia: Legal Initiative


Project Description

Project Bosnia was founded by Dean Henry H. Perritt, Jr. in 1996 and since has worked very closely with legal institutions in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Project Bosnia's latest initiative is the Federation Judical Database and Legal Network. Click above for more detailed information about this project.

Project Rationale

Bosnia endured one of the most brutal wars since World War II. The war ended in 1995 with the signing of the Dayton Accords, but there is much to be done before a lasting peace can be realized. Project Bosnia is a portion of the peace process. Click above for more details about the rationale behind Project Bosnia.

Project Prospectus and Proposal

The Project Prospectus details our accomplishments as they relate to the Project goals. The Project Proposal is the document details the vision and the rationale of the work that we are doing in Bosnia i Herzegovina.

Trip Report and Trip Photos

Click above to read in detail about our trips and to see photos of our trips.

PowerPoint Slide Presentation
View the PowerPoint slide presentation describing the project.
Technical Schematic
This schematic describes how the network we installed in Sarajevo looks.
List of all of the student members of Project Bosnia. These are the people that have made the project such a huge success.
With out the support of people and companies outside our project, we would never have achieved as much as we have. We thank each of our supporters for their generous donations of money, resources, and equipment. Thanks!
Link to the Server in Sarajevo
In October 1998, Project Bosnia installed a server in the Palace of Justice in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. This server now stores laws and judicial decisions from Bosnia. It also provides Internet access and email for members of the Bosnian judiciary.

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