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Ambassador Endorses Operation Kosovo

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Albanian Ambassador Endorses Chicago-Kent's "Operation Kosovo"

CHICAGO-July 6, 1998-Petrit Bushati, Albanian ambassador to the United States, today endorsed "Operation Kosovo," a new project of Illinois Institute of Technology's Chicago-Kent College of Law. Operation Kosovo uses the Internet as a channel for lawyers and law students in Chicago and Washington, D.C. to advise refugees from Kosovo on their rights under international refugee law.

          Ambassador Bushati's endorsement came in a meeting today with Charles S. Rudnick, Chicago-Kent's assistant dean for international law and policy development, and Stuart P. Ingis and John Scheib, two Washington-area lawyers affiliated with Operation Kosovo. Dean Rudnick and two IIT students will go to Albania next month to determine what types of technology will be effective in linking the refugee camps and refugee organizations to the Internet.

          According to Dean Rudnick, "The ambassador applauded our efforts and told us that there is an urgent need for the refugees -- and for the Albanian government -- to understand more clearly their obligations and rights under international refugee and asylum law. We are glad to be fulfilling that need."

          Operation Kosovo does not take a position on the politics of the Kosovo crisis but simply seeks to provide legal advice to the refugees who have lost their homes. Operation Kosovo is organized in part through an Interprofessional Projects Program (IPRO), a unique course at IIT that permits engineering students and law students to work together on real-world projects. The new initiative in Kosovo evolved from "Project Bosnia," which enabled IIT law and engineering students in March of this year to connect independent media in Serb areas of Bosnia through the Internet.

          Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Dean of Chicago-Kent College of Law and a vice president of Illinois Institute of Technology, explained the genesis of Operation Kosovo: "Operation Kosovo originated several weeks ago during a conversation Dean Rudnick and I had with UN Ambassador-designate Richard Holbrooke. We discussed how our Project Bosnia experience could be extended to support U.S. and international policy with respect to the Kosovo crisis."

          "I believe that this new initiative will continue our tradition of giving law students at Chicago-Kent and undergraduate engineering students at IIT an opportunity to learn from each other and learn how to apply their knowledge of technology and law to restore a rule of law in those parts of the world where it is lacking," he said.

The URL for the Operation Kosovo website is http://pbosnia.kentlaw.edu/kosovo


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