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Through the use of law and computer technology, this IPRO seeks the development of a database to assists international war crimes investigators. These investigators would then utilize a computerized data collection form to record information concerning alleged war crimes. Such a database form would allow the investigators to record witness interviews onto a local computer using a digital recorder. In addition, the investigators would have the ability to upload a digital picture of the witness. A unique feature of the database will be the inclusion of GIS (Geographical Information Systems) technology. After data has been collected through interviews, investigators will be able to view the location of the crimes on a computerized map of the region. By using GIS technology, they will be able view the exact location(s) of war crimes on a computerized map. This feature of the database will allow the investigator to trace the path of the alleged crimes and assist in determination of filing claims with the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY). Currently, students at the Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology, and Institute of Design are working vigorously to achieve the above goals. To achieve these goals, the IPRO students divided into three primary teams: law, database, and GIS.

The Law Team

The law team researches war crime tribunal decisions and in interviewing war crimes victims and witnesses. The information the law team gathers will assist the database team in developing a form that will be of the most benefit to a war crime investigator.

The Database Team

The database team's goal is to develop a database to collect information from interviews conducted with refugees. On a larger scale, the group is also developing a more powerful database in Oracle. The Oracle database software is an enormous software package, which requires a vast knowledge of databases and computers. The group is enthusiastically working on programming the database and incorporating the GIS technology within the database.

The GIS Team

This group is involved in computerizing a map that will show the exact location of the alleged war crimes. Computerizing a map entails obtaining the proper global coordinates of cities and towns within the country and relating the data from the database to this coordinates. Geographical Information Systems are a rapidly emerging tool in the world. The GIS team hopes to utilize such a powerful technology in a new and exciting way.


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