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OSCE Report

A two-part analysis produced by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights. Part I of the Report is based on the OSCE - Kosovo Verification Mission findings gathered from
October 1998 to June 1999. This part of the Report focuses on violations of human rights and humanitarian law by the Serbian forces in Kosovo. Among the violations are forced expulsions, detention, torture and killing of Kosovo Albanian men and the victimization of Kosovo Albanian women through rape and other forms of sexual violence. Part II of the report is based on the findings of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo from June 1999 through October 1999. This part of the Report focuses on human rights violations and acts of revenge committed against Kosovo Serbs and Roma since the end of the NATO air campaign.

State Department Report

Department of Defense Report

Human Rights Watch Report

International Crisis Group Report

A private multinational group focused on responding to international crisis. This site contains numerous reports on Kosovo, notably a report (1/26/00) addressing the plight of several thousand Kosovar Albanians still held in Serb prisons.


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