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No. 8312, date 26.3.1998


Based on the Article No. 16 of the law No. 7491, date 29.04.1991 About the main constitutional clauses’, with the proposal of the Council of Minister.

The Assembly of People


Republic of Albania.



Article 1.

The object of this law is the arrangement of the juridical of the non-divided agricultural land and the refused agricultural lands from the families that refuse to take in ownership or usage the land, given to them under the law No. 7501, date 19.07.1991 "About the Land" and other legal and Sub-legal acts for the implementation of it.

Article 2.

The non-divided agricultural land are considered cadestrated surfaces of the item agricultural land on the 01.08.1991, within the boundaries of a appointed administrative unit (village, commune, or city hall that has agricultural land outside the limited boundaries.) and which are not divided by the commission of land , or that is refused the ownership by the families or different individuals and that have not change cadastral item till the time this law cams in power.

Article 3.

Agricultural land of the ex-agricultural state enterprises, will remain in state ownership due to some limitations of the land quantity per person and are not an object for this law.

Article 4.

Agricultural land located in the zones with the provision for tourist development, are treated under the appropriate legal and sub-legal acts.

Article 5.

The non-divided land is under the administration of the council of the commune, or the hall town, that control the commissions of the land for the village which deals with the re-division of the land according to the criteria’s provided by the law.

Article 6.

The illegal occupation, the abuse and damage of the agricultural land, object to this law, from the juridical and physical persons, are a penal act and are sentenced by the appropriate provisions of the civil code.

Article 7.

For the implementation of this law is charged the council of commune or the city hall and other commissions of all levels.

Article 8.

The Council of Ministers is charged to approve the appropriate sub legal acts for a better implementation of this Law.

Article 9.

Law No. 8047, dated 14.12.1995 ‘About the administration of the refused agricultural land and other sub-legal acts, that come out in the implementation of this law are abrogated.

Article 10.

This law comes in power after 15 days after the publishing in the Official Gaze.


It has been approved with a special decree No. 2037, dated 09.04.1998, signed by the President of the Republic of Albania, REXHEP MEJDANI.




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