A list of useful contacts:



This is the official website of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo.  It features relatively up-to-date, official information disseminated by the UN.  You can link to the four “pillars” of UNMIK from this cite to search for information on police & justice, civil administration, institution building and economic reconstruction.  In addition the cite features news headlines and a comprehensive list of the UNMIK regulations.  This should be your first stop if you are looking for any information regarding Kosovo.



This is the official website of the KTA.  The KTA is responsible for encouraging the success of socially owned and public enterprises and instituting the privatization of socially owned and publicly owned institutions in Kosovo.  Here you can find an explanation of the objectives of the KTA, as well as, press releases and pertinent UNMIK regulations.  This cite also features a useful publication called “Ten Top Tips for Investors Coming to Kosovo.”



The mission of the KBS is to support and encourage small and medium private business enterprises in Kosovo in order to stimulate employment and economic growth.  This website contains many useful business tools including publications explaining the current accounting standards for small businesses, information on conversion to the Euro and , information on how to write a business plan.  The cite lists KBS press releases that appeared in the local newspaper and they list services which include assistance with writing a business plan and other useful training programs.  A visit to the KBS seems like a necessary first step for the new business entrepreneur. 



This site has a lot of information describing the mission of this organization and information encouraging young Americans to volunteer for this organization.  The Market Development Services page linked to this site is the page pertinent to the Kosovar entrepreneur.  This page links to a business resources guide, a chat room for entrepreneurs and contains links to other sites.  Also, the newsletter is accessible from this site.  Here a person can read about other entrepreneurs’ successes and related articles. 



This site offers current information regarding the Albanian business sector.  It is also a source of information for Americans wishing to do business in Albania.  You will find explanations regarding how to set up a business in Albania.  The Business Development and Information Services page of this site explains specifically programs available to Kosovar entrepreneurs and American entrepreneurs wishing to invest in Kosovo. 



This page provides resources for Kosovar entrepreneurs to connect with the European small business sector.  The website provides a source for business news in Kosovo.  The primary benefit of using this site is that an entrepreneur can register here and have information regarding business opportunities in Europe or in Kosovo sent to him.  This site provides a place for entrepreneurs to link with one another to pursue some sort of business relationship. 



This is the site for the Ministry of Trade and Industry.  This site is dedicated to improving the market in Singapore and Southeast Asia generally.  This site is useful to the entrepreneur who is interested in learning more about the concepts and philosophy of free trade as this is discussed at length.  In addition, an entrepreneur can learn how to trade with Singapore by exploring this site and making contact with the appropriate person through the site.  Lastly, using the information on this site, an entrepreneur can model his business concept after some of those presented here.  



This links you to the World Bank Kosovo page.  This site provides information describing the role and mission of the World bank along with local contact information.  There are a number of press releases, links to other sites and news articles on these pages where an entrepreneur can access information.  This site contains the “World Bank Report on Kosovo: Medium Public Expenditure Priorities.”  This document traces the economic situation in Kosovo from the war until the present.  This site gives the entrepeneur an overview of the current economic situation and some background information useful for constructing the business plan.



This is the site for the Kosova Development Agency.  There are a lot of helpful statistics about Kosovo on this site.  The site lists the businesses that have retistered with the site throughout Kosovo.  The site describes the offerings of the Kosova Development Agency including consulting, training and promotion.  You will find contact information for the Kosova Development Agency at this site. 



 This is the US Office Pristina home page.  This page is the official US government site on Kosovo and you can link to other official US government websites from here.  The general purpose of this site is to keep Kosovars informed of the US government policy toward Kosovo and the programs that the US supports in Kosovo. 



A source of Web-based accounting lessons.

· Economic Initiative for Kosovo: is a non-profitable organization created in April 2003 by Kosovar and Austrian senior students of economy and multimedia in the universities of Vienna, Austria.

Guide for starting new companies / enterprises in Kosovo (Albanian): A very detailed ECIKS guide for Kosovar entrepreneurs for planning and starting new companies in Kosovo. It also includes the addresses of all relevant institutions.

USA - Kosovo Investment Consulting Firm

Kosovo Chamber of Commerce

Kosovo Import/Export Road Map

Trade & Investment Guide to Kosovo - USAID

Business Kosovo Center

Kosova Tenders

Kosovo Yellow Pages (old)

Kosovo Yellow Pages (new)

Kosovo Business Support - USAID Sponsored Business & Investment consulting firm

Kosovo Trust Agency

Statistical Office of Kosovo

Euro Info Correspondence Cente